Hong Kong and Greater China

Greater China and Hong Kong are a strategic market encompassing close to 20% of the world population. Magusta Group has established businesses in both Greater China and Hong Kong for more than 30 years.  As this market rapidly continues growth and development, Magusta Group’s experienced team continually seeks out high quality business partners, projects and opportunities in this region. 

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s limited property supply combined with demographics trends have lead to dynamic property prices and opportunities. Magusta Group is primarily focused on long term investments and target both centralized and up-and-coming locations in accordance to fundamental market trends.

Stanley Main Street

Lyndhurst Terrace

The Mood Lyndhurst

Serviced Apartment

The Mood Soho

Serviced Apartment

Greater China

Greater China has grown into a strong country with the rise of its middle class. Districts and cities across the country are continuously transformed at unprecedented speeds in conjunction with government policies, new infrastructure, technological development and market-driven demand. Magusta China seeks out quality investments in strategic locations throughout China’s diverse market.

Eight Blessings Inn

Other Property Locations